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LLC "Fiberglass pipes Plant"

In modern Russian society there is a consensus that for the further growth of economy of Russia it is vital quality in the market development of the most advanced sectors such as nanotechnology industry or the manufacture of products from composite materials. The country's leadership has also repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to support these sectors of the economy, if necessary, showing the necessary political will. In our view, in such circumstances, his word has to say and the business community. It is necessary to objectively point out the existing obstacles and barriers for innovation development factors, suggest the best way of achieving the goals and jointing bottlenecks, civilized way to lobby for their interests.

In our view, inter-branch Association of nanotechnology has become an effective channel of communication of the state and the business community. Thus we expect that an active role in the MES will play the representatives of small and medium business — economic segment, the most prone to innovation and development, which often lacks such institutional platforms to promote their own interests.

In turn, we as an industry composite pipes ready and urge his colleagues to take a long, hard and, given the heterogeneity of nanotechnology companies, flexible and multilateral collaboration. We wish the management and staff of mon success in their difficult work for development and prosperity of our country!

The General Director of NPP "fiberglass pipes Plant"

Volkov Sergey

LLC "Fiberglass pipes Plant" Russia's leading manufacturer of GRP pipes high pressure (up to 270 ATM.) OCTG: tubing, casing, line pipe and fittings to them. According to its characteristics and quality of products meet international standards, the quality management system is certified according to the standards of the American petroleum Institute API Q1, ISO 9001, etc., in production we use only the latest raw materials from the best Russian and Western suppliers. Since 2002, pipe FTA successfully compete with the largest global brands, including American, are in constant demand from leading oil companies of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. 2014-the year planned construction of new production facilities.