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Sixth Congress of nanoindustry enterprises opens in Moscow

The Sixth Congress of Nanoindustry Enterprises opens in Moscow today. The key topics at the Congress included summarizing the results of industry development in the last ten years and discussing new markets and technologies to appear in the ten years to come. The event was organized by the Fund for Infrastructural and Educational Programs (RUSNANO Group) and Russian Nanoindustry Association (RNA).

“Ten years ago we started building Russian nanoindustry as a vital element of innovative changes in the Russian economy. Today we have more than 500 enterprises producing nanotech products with the total worth of about 1.7 trillion rubles. Almost a quarter of those goods are exported. More than one third of all nanoindustry enterprises are proactively innovative and carry out technological innovations. Nanotech-based solutions add new properties to traditional goods, improving their economic efficiency, consumer qualities and environmental features. They are used in metallurgy and oil-and-gas industry, machine-building and construction, healthcare and energy industry. In the next ten years, Russian nanoindustry is expected to continue its growth, fueling the development of the Russian economy in general”, Andrey Svinarenko, General Director of the Fund for Infrastructural and Educational Programs told the Congress participants in his welcome speech.

The event will be opened with a public talk “Nanoindustry: 10 before and 10 after” between Business-FM editor-in-chief Ilya Kopelevich and RUSNANO Board Chairman Anatoly Chubais. At the plenary discussion, the Congress participants will discuss the role of nanotechnology in the markets served by the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The Congress will also feature panel discussions “Human resources in the Russian nanoindustry: the emerging outlines of the new training system”, “Support to hi-tech products exports” and “Administrative barriers against innovative companies and ways to overcome them”. The attendees will also be able to participate in the round table “Startups changing the world around us – how nanotechnologies can revolutionize the existing logistics market”.

During the working sessions, the participants will discuss the topics of human resources development for the nanoindustry, overcoming administrative barriers obstructing innovations, export capacity of nanotech products, changes in logistics markets unfolding with the advent of robotics and automation, etc.

Among the Congress participants are RUSNANO Board Chairman Anatoly Chubais, General Director of the Fund for Infrastructural and Educational Programs Andrey Svinarenko; director of “Young Professionals” direction of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Dmitry Peskov; General Director of the Fund for Assistance to Innovations Sergey Polyakov; Executive Director of “Forum” Analytical Center Ekaterina Shapochka; Director for Business Development, Leuven (Belgium) Innovations Cluster Martin Hinoul; General Director of the TechnoSpark Nanotech Center Denis Kovalevich; representatives of national nanoindustry and academic community.