Results of Nanotech products exhibition, completed as part of the 6th Congress of nanoindustry enterprises

The Sixth Congress of Nanotech Industry Enterprises was held at the Russia Today Press Center MIA on December 7, 2017. The event attracted more than 500 representatives of Russian and foreign nanoindustry.

Part of the Congress was the exhibition of nanotech enterprises products, featuring both RUSNANO project companies and independent nanotech vendors.

Russian Nanoindustry Association stand demonstrated nanotech solutions by the following Association member companies:

-   On-board Aeronautical Systems OJSC;


-   STC Science Center LLC (TSMGROUP);

-   Stena Group of Companies;


-   Mediana-Filter Science and Industry Company CJSC.

On-board Aeronautical Systems OJSC introduced a product developed by its subsidiary company Unmanned Helicopter Systems OJSC an airplane-type unmanned aerial vehicle with thrust propeller and folding wings for transportation and storage. The UAV is capable of carrying payload (weapons systems) and is equipped with automatic control system, video surveillance and wireless transmission of telemetry and video information to the ground control station.

STC Science Center (TSMGROUP) presented a unique TSMCERAMIC technology a liquid nanotech heating insulator with comprehensive action and excellent insulation and protection qualities.

Stena Group of Companies presented a paint based on a colloidal water solution of silver particles, which offers antibacterial protection and does not cause allergy reactions and other side effects.

Avtostankoprom LLC demonstrated multifunctional protective nanofilms with multifunctional properties: anti-adhesiveness, antifriction, hydrophobicity, chemical resistance.

Mediana-Filter Science and Industry Company CJSC presented resource-saving water treatment systems.

Russian Nanoindustry Association stand was attended by RUSNANO Board Chairman Anatoly Chubais, General Director of the Fund for Infrastructural and Educational Programs Andrey Svinarenko, General Director of the Fund for Assistance to Innovations Sergey Polyakov, and many others.

As a result of the exhibition event, the companies received positive feedback from the RUSNANO, FIEP management and development institutions, with the possibility of further promotion of their products given additional support from these institutions.