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With RNA support, three association members received “Techsuccess-2017” ratings

Winners of the Sixth National Ratings of Russian Fast-Moving Hi-Tech Companies “TechSuccess-2017” organized by Russian Venture Company were announced December 12, 2017. According to the announcement, three member companies of the Association entered the “TechSuccess-2017” ratings.

The ratings were organized by RVC in partnership with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Association of Innovative Regions of Russia and National Research University – Higher School of Economics. The most successful participants were identified in the following categories: TOP-5 large companies with revenue of 2 to 30 billion rubles; TOP-5 medium-sized companies with revenue of 800 million to 2 billion rubles; TOP-5 small companies with revenue under 800 million RUB; TOP-15 fastest-growing companies, depending on the revenue growth rate; TOP-15 innovators – companies producing hi-tech products and spending a certain share of turnover on R&D; and TOP-15 in terms of exports.

Optosense LLC became the leader in TOP-5 small companies rating. Besides, the company was also rated number 10 among the TechSuccess TOP-15 fastest-growing companies, and number 5 in the TechSuccess TOP-15 exporters ratings.

Optosense LLC specializes in the production of infrared optical sensors for detecting concentrations of flammable gases, mainly hydrocarbons. More than 250 manufacturers of gas detectors worldwide use the company’s products.

NANOLEK LLC was rated number 4 in the TechSuccess-2017 TOP-15 fastest growing companies rating.

NANOLEK LLC is a Russian bio-pharmaceutical company with RUSNANO participation, specializing in import substitution and production of innovative pharmaceuticals – developed in-house or together with international partners – with an emphasis on preventing and treating socially significant diseases.

On-board Aeronautical Systems OJSC came 11th in the TechSuccess TOP-15 Fastest-Growing Companies rating.

On-board Aeronautical Systems OJSC develops comprehensive integrated solutions, equipment and systems for safe and efficient airspace usage at all phases of flight – “from tarmac to tarmac”. The products are based on Air Traffic Control (ATC), communication, navigation, communication and navigation systems/airtrafifc management (CNS/ATM), ground and on-board radiolocation systems solutions, and meteorological support solutions for civil and private aviation.

For more detail on the ratings, you can visit the official RVC website: http://www.rvc.ru/press-service/news/company/116736/

RNA congratulates its member companies with these remarkable achievements and wishes further success. We’re hoping for more fruitful cooperation in the future!